I am a zealous and aggressive New York trial attorney whose practice has a particular emphasis on Criminal Defense, Appeals, DWI, DUI, Personal Injury, Traffic Ticket, Custody and Divorce law, but often find myself working in many other areas to suit the needs of my clients. Most often I practice in the greater Glens Falls and Saratoga areas, but I will often travel to many other parts of New York State for my clients.

As a criminal lawyer, I have successfully handled thousands of criminal defense cases of all variety and severity – including over one hundred driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated matters.

As an appellate attorney, I have returned decades of freedom to his clients by having their criminal convictions reversed in their appeals.

As a personal injury lawyer, I have won clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for pain and suffering in personal injury and negligence cases.

As a family law and divorce lawyer, I have helped clients obtain greater custody or visitation with their children and divorce their spouses on terms that benefit them. If you are not able to use my services because of proximity, you may want to contact a Mississauga family law firm or one that is closer for yout to access.

As a traffic ticket lawyer, I have handled hundreds of simple speeding tickets for his clients by mail so they never have to waste their valuable sitting for hours on end in traffic court.

I am a passionate lawyer who represents my clients zealously and aggressively to get them the best possible outcome in any case. I offer free initial consultations in every criminal (including DWI, DUI), appeal, personal injury and traffic or speeding ticket case. I also offer competitive and flexible billing arrangements because I care about my clients and know they aren’t made of money.

Be sure to check out my blog to read my latest thoughts as a criminal, driving while intoxicated / driving under the influence, appellate, personal injury, divorce and family lawyer. And remember, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me when you need me to fight for you in the greater Glens Falls and Saratoga areas, or any where else in New York.