Personal Injury Lawyer – It’s Elementary My Dear Client

Often times, working as a personal injury lawyer is a lot like being Sherlock Holmes.

Glens Falls, Saratoga personal injury attorney

Sometimes, it takes a little bit of sleuthing around to find the key facts which will make the personal injury case stick, this is why it is always advisable to look at the closest personal injury lawyer los angeles ca to ensure you’re covered. In no personal injury case is this more true than in a car accident. For instance, I am currently the personal injury attorney for a client who was seriously banged up in a car accident – an accident which was by far the other driver’s fault. Anyway, among other injuries, my client had a significant gash on his leg and severe knee trauma which aggravated an existing knee injury. Now, normally in a car accident case, the personal injury lawyer has to be able to demonstrate that their client has suffered a “serious injury” under the no-fault insurance law. The injury can take any form, as long as it is considered a serious injury under the statute. If the personal injury attorney cannot demonstrate a serious injury in a car accident case, a lawsuit cannot be maintained. You can read more about this when visiting local attorney’s in your area.

A significant scar can be a serious injury sufficient for the personal injury lawyer to maintain a lawsuit in a car accident case. If this is the case then you should consider using a disfigurement lawyer to help your case. The easiest serious injury for a personal injury attorney to prove in a car accident case, however, is a fracture. It’s so easy because the x-rays or other diagnostic imaging either show a fracture or they don’t. It’s the holy grail for a personal injury lawyer – usually anyway. Now, in this case, my client’s original x-ray reports taken at the hospital immediately after the accident did not show a fracture. It came to my attention later on, however, that my client had another set of x-rays taken at his orthopedist months later before a surgery. Being the zealous personal injury attorney that I am, and not wanting to rely solely on the leg scarring to prove the serious injury, I sought and obtained the x-ray report. Low and behold, the updated x-ray showed a small fracture just below the knee cap! Now, I have an inarguable serious injury and a much stronger case as a personal injury lawyer to present to the insurance adjuster and, if need be, a judge or a jury. It just took a little sleuthing around to find it. That’s why being a personal injury attorney in Glens Falls and the Saratoga areas is a lot like being Sherlock Holmes – it’s simply elementary. For incidents occurring in New York City, those affected by an injury in their work and personal lives may want to consider the services offered at this website: