Why Not Abide to Subscribe?

Face it, it’s a fact of life.  On a daily basis, we all have to deal with other people.  Whether that means simply sharing the roads with other drivers (most of whom are crazy!), or negotiating a complex business deal (still crazy), modern life requires frequent human to human interaction.  Some of these interactions, however will be more important than others.  For instance, how about the terms of a lease for a location where you will live with your family, or even place your business?  I’d say that’s pretty important.  When it comes time to make an important deal like that one, do yourself a huge favor down the road and don’t leave the details to chance.  Just follow the simple rule – abide to subscribe (and say it five times in a row!).  What does that mean?  It’s easy, just put it in writing.  And not just any writing, you want a mutually agreed upon, binding contract that can cover all conceivable situations regarding the deal.  And when I say conceivable, I mean conceivable!  Don’t let the “that will never happen” attitude creep into your important deals, because your just asking for trouble.  If there’s a one in a million chance of something happening, that means there’s one poor tenant who it just happened to (or something like that).  I hope he or she had a lawyer draft a good lease, and I hope you do to.  Whether it’s your family or your business, it’s your future, and it’s too important to be left to chance!  

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